A graduate of the University of Lagos, Umari is a lawyer with a strong passion for women rights. She believes in the right of women to live in societies that do not hamper their mental/psychological and physical development, Umari has been active in using traditional and modern media to pursue the fight against gender oppression and repression. The essay "Between the Deji of Akure and the Nigerian Culture" which touch on the issue of women repression is among some of her articles published by the popular Guardian Newspaper in Nigeria. Umari is a member of the WOMENUNDER30 group, a Pan African Women Organization that is made up of several young women in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. Umari shares a common belief with members of W30 that the internet can be effectively used put the UN MDGs into action.

Umari's also shares a passion for books. An emerging author, her novel "TWILIGHT AT TERRACOTTA INDIGO" picked the Association of Nigerian Authors ANA/NDDC Flora Nwapa Prize for women writing in 2011. It was also nominated for the ANA/NDDC Ken Saro Wiwa Prize. Her book has been featured on several newspapers and websites in the country and outside of it. Canadian Blogger Amy Mckie described TWILIGHT AT TERRACOTTA INDIGO with the following words "I liked the way Ayim used the amnesia to discuss relationships and the ways we interact with others. Who we chose to trust and how is really interesting when you delve into it, and it is interesting the way our bodies and minds know more than we consciously think".

A keen debater, Umari does not shy from using the opportunities presented by social media to advance the ideals of a progressive society. Umari also enjoys writing poems and has several of her poems featured in National Dailies in the country. Her collection of poetry INSIDE MY HEAD is soon to be released in the first quarter of 2012.

Connect with Umari
Twitter @UmariOfficial
Google+: Umari Ayim
Facebook: www.facebook.com/UmareeB
Email : Miarisha@gmail.com

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