Friday, September 11, 2009


It is very funny how people who view themselves as having more experience overestimate their own capabilities and reach the point where they stop learning even though they are not dead yet. I have been blessed with common sense to realize that you never know it all, so I keep getting corrected and I keep learning. One time it was a well renowned make up artist who practically stared me down his eyes shooting daggers at me when I corrected him in the course of his duty. My crime? I pointed out that it was improper for all the young women lined up to shoot a T.V commercial to have been made up the same way and with the same colours without considering the uniqueness of their facial features.
Today it was an "experienced" lawyer who I met in the house of a friend who subtlety pointed out how wet behind the ears I was compared to his standing at the bar even though his draft had spelling inconsistencies. I was innocently leafing through a magazine when I was passed a partnership deed to attest to as a witness. As I obliged the request of the lawyer, my eyes fell on the execution clause of the deed.
"Sorry" I began looking as innocent and unassuming as possible "I think the execution clause is not properly stated"
"Huh?" the lawyer said looking at me as if I just spoke Japanese
"What I mean is, I think instead of sign, seal and delivered. I think it should have been signed sealed and delivered. The omission is small but quintessential"
The lawyer caught himself fast enough to ask "are you a lawyer?"
"About to become one" I said with all the faith in me thinking of November.
"I see" he said straightening his shoulders as if to say I HAVE BEEN AT THE BAR, YOU YOUNG HOPEFUL. HOW DARE YOU CORRECT ME!
I got the message and signed the deed laughing inside me at his chagrin. I wonder what the lecturers of the Nigerian Law School Lagos campus who had taken pains to educate us on proper drafting of legal documents say if they saw the drafting of Mr. experience sitting before me with his cocky grin and self assured air. sign, seal and delivered? Come on!

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