Friday, January 29, 2010


It was a thunderous shout that reached the skies as the fireworks lit the sky. I sent a prayer of thanks to God for making it possible for me and my family to see another new year without any major incidence. It was almost magical, the bold kiss that was thrown at me from the driver of a speeding car while my father looked on amused. See it was new year and we were all united in the celebration of another new year. Even the unfortunate Christmas bomb attack by our own son on the American soil was forgotten even if for a moment.
If I had even speculated even for one second that twelve days later in faraway Haiti, there was going to be an earthquake with a 7.0 magnitude, I would have probably sent a prayer request to my senior pastor to join me in a fervent prayer to avert this danger but like every human who does not have any idea what the future holds, I floated with happiness blissfully unaware and joyous in the spirit of the New Year.
When the catastrophic earthquake finally struck the tiny island of Haiti that 12th day of January 2010, it was CNN that brought the sad news to my living room. For many who have witnessed the destruction the earthquake left in its wake, I doubt that they will be needing further introduction to this story. Now almost three weeks after thousands have lost their lives after their lives were brutally cut off by the unforgiving earthquake and millions are desperately in need of food and medical aid, I still feel a burden in my heart for a people who though a million miles away are a part of my ancestral history. I feel a bond with the people of Haiti and for reasons not far fetched. A nation which like my country has seen the worst of leaders and little economic growth despite being independent since 1804, has seen civil unrest and several disturbances which of course were politically induced. A country that is devotedly religious and lean heavily on the promise of a better paradise following the destruction of their earthly one. I felt a bond with them indeed. Following the devastation of the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, the needs of Haiti have bludgeoned into one massive threat, throwing the citizenry into confusion and giving way to violence and blood let. These needs which have been ignored by scores of leaders have been worsened by the blow of one earthquake and not even the presidential palace was spared. Now as the world has rushed to save the people in what I consider the most beautiful act at a time when the world is dealing with terrorists, bombs and senseless wars. There is rallying around people who are helpless and dying and as success stories of rescue attempts begin to pour in, I find myself heaving a sigh of relief for those who survived days after being buried under the rubble of collapsed buildings.
It was a New Year and a different type of devastation. I should have known from December 25th 2009 when Nigeria was on her way to being blacklisted along several noted terrorist nations that the coming year was going to be a year of new horrors. One where a nation like Haiti already on its knees would be pounded harder into the earth and where a communal misunderstanding between people who have been living together for years in Jos central Nigeria would again result to the death of hundreds of Christians and Muslims. i should have known. As we slowly get over the horror through the power of the human mind to forget, my heartfelt condolences go to every household in Haiti and around the world that is grieving. May the infinite love of the almighty God see them through this trying times. The hands of the people of Haiti is clasped in deep prayers and I join them in a prayer of hope and restoration. I hope my country which is at current is caught in the fists of leaders who will rule instead of lead, is watching and learning. Until we all become accountable for our actions, it will be a disaster when nature carries out its own coup d'etat.

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