Thursday, March 18, 2010


As an active member of Facebook I have benefited from belonging to the online social media. From reconnecting with old friends to finding new friends, i have done it all. I became a fan an follower of CNN's Errol Barnett for a good number of reasons but his good looks are at the top of the list. While Errol reminds you that people can make the most of their youth, I fawn over the dude when he lights up my screen. the result is loss of hearing for most of his report.
Anyway, my dear Errol knows how to keep his fans active till the point of religiosity. I am more than grateful for this as i have made great friends who converge on that page to air their opinions. As much as I am ashamed to admit this, good looking Errol has held me captive to the detriment of my dear blog. I rather slug it out with an unlucky somebody who had the temerity, audacity, animal boldness, effrontery...,(catches breath), Phew!!! sorry about the grammar..., to make unsavoury statements about my dear country Nigeria. Yet for the life of me, most of my angst is wasted as I have not met a Nigerian on that site who didn't tell the truth as they saw it. A truth I totally agreed with until a recent comment was posted on the high school gay scandal where a lesbian was not allowed to bring her partner to a prom night dressed in tuxedo. Asking for their opinions, Errol also asked his fans if such a thing could happen in their countries.
As expected, everyone had something to say. One gay lamented the discrimination against them but the majority of people I will like to assume are heterosexuals said as much as they did not like homosexuality or understand it, they could not judge the people identified as such. A fellow Nigerian took a bold stand, quoting the Bible and standing on the moral strength of Nigerians as a people to avoid or stem the growing popularity of homosexuality. And at that point I realized certain Nigerians didn't know how to tell the truth. And I was angry not because someone was insulting my Nigeria but because someone had just lied out rightly on a public forum about what was obtainable in the country. That in my opinion was also constituted rubbishing the image of the country as everyone across the globe knew of the evils abound in my darling country thanks to the information, television and internet age. The evil that lives with the good, the evil we cannot dress with a veil and we had someone telling the world that just because we regarded homosexuality as illegal, we were had a high moral standing. So it is okay to spill blood of INNOCENT CHILDREN AND WOMEN as seen in the different sectarian, religious and tribal clashes around the country? It is okay to fleece unsuspecting foreigners of their hard earned money or condone ritualists in our midst and take a stance against homosexuality? That for me was the highest level of hypocrisy.

Blind patriotism is inimical to national development and methinks this person was probably not looking objectively at what was on the table before spewing words that made little sense. Worse, she said the words ".. as a lawyer, you should know that..." and yours truly cannot understand why a forum for opinion giving should become a platform of subtle insults. I hold her argument in derision and can only pity her mind set. In her "intelligent" view, the people are largely moral and innocent, our politicians do all their hanky panky with the assistance of martians. And to make it worse, this person is a lawyer. Whither thou goest Nigeria?

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  1. Umari, I have been waiting for you to publish a new post. Funny one though, I think that person has taken to lying as a habit. Una lawyers we dey call una liars na! Anyway you are one of a kind. Keep the truth alive girl!


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